20 September 2013

Hey Ho Let's Go

Ich trage selten T-Shirts. Das liegt daran, dass ich meist sowieso Kleider trage und Oberteile dann eher wegfallen - mal von den Sweatshirts, die man in den kuehleren Monaten ueberzieht abgesehen. Dazu kam es mir immer so vor, dass ich in T-Shirts zu klobig und kastig aussehen wuerde. Doch als ich in Dubai bei Pull&Bear war, habe ich mich in deren Shirts verliebt. Der Schnitt ist perfekt: Nicht zu eng und definitiv lang genug. Da gerade Sale war haette ich am liebsten alle T-Shirts mitgenommen, habe mich dann aber fuer nur zwei Shirts entschieden. Und von diesen beiden ist das Ramones Shirt mein absoluter Liebling, besonders in Kombination mit bodycon Roecken. Und auch mit schwarzen Jeans finde ich dieses Shirt perfekt sitzend, denn gerade diese T-Shirt und Jeans Kombi war immer mein groesstes Problem. Ich konnte mich nie damit anfreunden - an mir selbst. Bei anderen sah es immer super schoen und casual aus und wenn ich diesen Look nachkreieren wollte, sah es unmoeglich aus. Deswegen macht es mich umso gluecklicher endlich DAS Shirt gefunden zu haben und ich hoffe, dass es mich noch eine lange Zeit begleiten wird.

Habt ihr auch DAS Kleidungsstueck fuer euch entdeckt, das bestimmte Looks endlich perfekt aussehen laesst?

I rarely wear t-shirts. This is mostly because I usually wear dresses anyways and tops are not necessary then - aside from sweaters that you can wear over dresses in colder months. Furthermore it always appeared to me that I looked too bulky in t-shirts. Ever since I went to Pull&Bear in Dubai, I fell in love with their shirts. The cut is simply perfect: Not too tight and definitely long enough. While I was there, it was Sale time and so I could've bought every single shirt but I held myself back and  bought just two. The Ramones shirt is by far my favourite, especially when I wear them with bodycon skirts. I even love this shirt with black pants, although the jeans and t-shirt combination has always been my biggest problem. I was always skeptical with that look - on myself. On others it looked flawless and casual and whenever I tried to recreate this look, it was horrible. Therefore I am super happy to have finally found THAT shirt and I hope it will survive a long time.

Did you discover THAT piece of clothing that makes certain looks appear perfect?

shirt: Pull&Bear // skirt: H&M // shoes: Target

17 September 2013

Busy Bee

Es war einmal ein Maedchen, das einen Blog hatte und dort Dinge geposted hat. Dann wurde sie in das Erwachsenenleben eingesogen und war so beschaeftigt wie nie. Dieses Maedchen war ich.
Aber letztendlich fand das Maedchen ein bisschen freie Zeit in ihrem vollem Kalender und so entstand dieser post. Hurra! Es gibt so viele Dinge, die im Moment in meinem Leben passieren, aber ich bin so froh berichten zu koennen, dass ich endlich fertig mit Umziehen bin und bereits einen Alltag hier in Norddeutschland etablieren konnte. Noch dazu gelang es mir schon in der ersten Woche einen Job in einem Modeladen zu bekommen und ich liebe meine Arbeit wirklich sehr. Einzelhandel ist nicht immer ein leichter Job, aber ich habe tolle Kollegen und der Laden ist in einem kleinen Shoppingcenter, sodass ich in meinen Pausen immer ein bisschen herumlaufen kann (oder im Food Court etwas essen kann). Da es aber nur ein Nebenjob ist, verdiene ich natuerlich nicht die Welt aber zum Glueck verdiene ich Euros, die wir dann dazu benutzen alle Rechnungs zu begleichen, die auch in Euro-Betraegen sind. Somit koennen wir Dustin's Geld fuer alles andere verwenden und somit ein bisschen was zusammensparen. Im Moment sparen wir fuer einen Urlaub, wenn er aus Afghanistan nach Hause kommt. Ja, das deployment hat angefangen und lasst mich sagen: Obwohl ich so unheimlich beschaeftigt bin, fuehlt es sich so an als ob die Zeit still steht. Der erste Monat ist noch nicht einmal ganz rum und es kommt mir vor, als ob er schon ein Jahr weg waere. Jetzt gerade bin ich dabei sein erstes care package zusammenzustellen, damit der Junge auch ein paar tolle Sachen hat, wenn er in einem afghanischen Tal rumsitzt.

Die folgenden Fotos sind kleine Eindruecke der letzten Wochen und was in meinem Leben so passiert ist, waehrend mein Blog Spinnweben gefangen hat.

A long time ago, there was a girl that had a blog and posted things on it. Then she got sucked into adult life and was busier than ever. This girl was me.
But eventually, the girl found a little time in her busy schedule and that's why there is this post. Hurray! There is a lot of stuff going on in my life right now but I am glad to announce that I am finally done with moving and that I established a daily routine here in Northern Germany real quick. Furthermore I scored a job at a fashion store within the first week of being here and I can honestly say that I love working there. Retail is never an easy job but I have great colleagues and the store is within a little mall so that I can wander around (or go to the Food Court) during my break. Since it is just a student job, I don't make a lot of money but luckily I am making Euros which pays for all our bills that are in Euro, so that we can use my husband's money for everything else and it won't affect our finances much. Currently, we are saving up for a nice vacation when he gets back from Afghanistan. Yes, the deployment has started and let me tell you: Even though I am busy every day, time seems to just stop. The first month is not even over and it feels like he has been gone for a year already. Right now, I am preparing his first care package, so that the guy has a few awesome things while sitting in an Afghan valley.

The following photos are a glimpse from the past weeks and what was going on in my life during my blog-absence.

Moving chaos // We celebrated Dustin's birthday before he had to leave // I picked flowers for him ♥ // And I baked cheesecake cupcakes for his birthday

At 2 AM we had to say our See You Soons. It broke my heart, I kind of managed to keep the tears away until I got home.

A real fast DIY Photo shoot with a tripod and self timer a few hours before he had to leave

He rescued me from falling down the evil hayball :D

30 July 2013

The Dubai Series: Day 2 - Burj Al Arab

The second day in Dubai started with a few business meetings, therefore the morning hours went by quite fast. However, one of the company's bosses gave us his driver for the day so we could go and do a little more sightseeing without having to use taxis all the time. I decided that I wanted to see the famous Burj Al Arab (Tower of the Arabs) which is one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world and also the 4th highest hotel in the world.
Unfortunately they changed the rules for going inside the hotel, you have to have at least a reservation for the restaurant in there. We tried to get one for that exact day but they told us that you have to call at least a day in advance. I didn't really need to see the hotel from the inside, so the driver drove us to Jumeirah Beach where I got a perfect view of this iconic building. The only downside of this experience: I didn't plan ahead and still wore my high heels that I wore to the business meetings before. Have you ever been at the beach in high heels? I definitely do not recommend it. That being said, I teetered through the sand, managed to jump up and down a little wall and all that without breaking my legs.
After staying at this beach for a little while, I went back to the hotel. Even though it was quite close, it took us a little while because traffic in Dubai is insane. But I won't complain since I didn't have to drive and I could snap a few photos on the way. We also passed a water park called Wild Wadi and it looked so much fun! If I had more time in Dubai, I would've definitely went. Maybe there is a next time.
The rest of the day, I decided to relax a little bit at the beach and the pool but before heading out again, I wanted to have a small meal. And since the portions there were pretty huge (not American huge but European huge), I ordered two kid's meals. They were the perfect size and I even got everything with kid's plates and silverware. I still have to giggle about it when I think back.
Then it was time for relaxation. What I loved about the hotel was, that they give you towels and sun lounger covers with a pillow. Furthermore, they give you cold bottled water whenever you want or you can ask for a refrigerated container where you can store some bottles. The ocean water was amazingly warm, like a bath tub. I enjoyed just floating around and forget all the stress that I had and that is coming up.
It was the most perfect afternoon in a long time.

As usual, see more pictures when you click "Read More"

26 July 2013

Wishlist: Back To School

Bald geht das Herbstsemester los und das bedeutet: Back to School Shopping! Ich liebe es Krims Krams fuer die Uni zu kaufen und so zu tun, als ob ich organisiert waere. Und mal ehrlich, das Lernen geht viel leichter, wenn man schoene Accessoires hat, nicht wahr? So geht es mir jedenfalls. Ich finde es viel toller Notizen in ein buntes Buch zu schreiben anstatt diesen 0815 Collegeblock zu haben. Collegebloecke sind fuer mich auch sehr gefaehrlich, da ich dann uberhaupt keine Ordnung habe und stundenlang nach Papier X suchen muss, saemtliche Blaetter schon halb rausfallen und ich auch Arbeitsblaetter einfach so reinlege. Jetzt waehrend des Studiums geht es eigentlich, aber damals in der Schule... ohje.
Am Schwersten faellt mir immer die Wahl des Maeppchens/der Federtasche. Fuer mich ist es sogar ein bisschen stressig, denn immerhin binde ich mich fuer einige Zeit an dieses Objekt und es muss eben DAS perfekte Maeppchen sein. Und wie man weiss, gibt es nichts Perfektes, also wird verglichen und geschaut und am Ende meist mehrere gekauft, die man im Laufe des Semesters immer mal wieder austauscht.

Wie ist es bei euch so? Kauft ihr gern Sachen fuer die Schule/Uni? Solltet ihr auf eurem Blog selbst eine Back to School Wishlist haben, hinterlasst mir doch den Link ♥

Soon my fall semester will start and that means: Back to School Shopping! I just love buying little bits and pieces for college and pretend to be organised. And let's be honest, it is so much easier to study when you have pretty accessories, isn't it? At least I think so. I prefer to wrote my notes in a colourful book instead of that plain college notepad. College notepads are even a bit dangerous for me because I am so not organised with them. I have to search paper X for hours, a bunch of other papers are half loose already and about to fall out and working sheets are just laying in there. Now, during my college time it isn't as bad but when I think back to high school... oh my.
The hardest decision is always which pencil case I am going to buy. It's even a wee bit stressful for me since I have to commit to it for a longer period of time and therefore it has to be THE perfect pencil case. To common knowledge, there is no thing such as perfect and so, I look around and compare and in the end, I buy a few pencil cases to swap them out during the semester.

How do you do your back to school shopping? Do you even like to buy new things for your studies? If you have your own back to school wishlist on your blog, feel free to give me the link ♥

25 July 2013

The Dubai Series: Day 1 - Dubai Mall

Endlich endlich habe ich die meisten Fotos fertig bearbeitet! Und jetzt koennen die blogposts auch kommen, allerdings werde ich es so machen, dass ich die Texte zu meinen Dubai-Erlebnissen ganz auf Englisch schreibe, da es sonst einfach zuviel Schreiberei wird und die Fotos wohl in den Texten untergehen. Danach geht es aber wie gewohnt mit Deutsch-Englisch weiter :)

Finally I am done editing most of the photos! That means I am able to write my posts about Dubai and show you guys what I experienced. There will be one special thing about "The Dubai Series": All text will be in English, otherwise it would just be too much text.

Dubai is known for its shopping opportunities and it is home of the biggest mall in the world: The Dubai Mall. It has 1,200 stores - ranging from luxury to every day, you and me shops, an aquarium with an underwater zoo, an ice rink, a theme park and of course a movie theatre. I am not really a fan of such huge malls simply because I always manage to get lost in them. For that reason, my first stop was the aquarium. I have been to aquariums before but this one was the first time that I was able to walk through the tunnel section. It was a wee bit scary because my overly active imagination always had that picture of broken glass and me getting eaten by sharks - but as you can see, I am alive. After the tunnel, you had to go up two levels to get to the underwater zoo. Up there, they had a bunch of tropical, colorful fish, crabs and crocodiles. My favourite were the jellyfish that changed their colours every now and then.
After the aquarium, I went to the waterfall inside the mall. It is an art installation that reaches from the top of the mall all the way down to the ground level. An amazing sight and I am so sad that my pictures didn't really catch its beauty. Another beautiful part was the Denim District: A little village inside the mall only for shops that sell denim, like Levi's or Pepe Jeans London. It really looked like a small Arabian village and I especially liked the light colours. After the Denim District, I visited The Souk. Souks are open air market places, kind of like bazaars, just this one was inside the mall. It was the more traditional part and I enjoyed strolling through the stores and finally got to see some real Arabian clothing and jewellery pieces. I mentioned it before: When I travel, I want to see things of the nation's culture and not something I have right around the corner in my town at home. And let me tell you, Arabians know how to design jewellery! I am already a huge fan of Israeli gold pieces and a visit to the gold souk took my breath away. Twice. Once when I saw beautiful pieces and then when I discovered the price and converted it. 
When you leave The Souk and go outside, you get to the Dubai Fountains and the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world). Honestly, the Burj Khalifa doesn't look that tall because it is quite "skinny" but I am sure once you get to the top, you will realise how tall that building is (especially if you're like me and afraid of heights). I did not go to the top because I did not want to pay a fortune. Furthermore the humidity was very high all the time and because of that, the air always seemed really foggy so you could not see far anyway. So a look from the outside and the ground was good enough for me. Next to this area they have another small shopping centre called "Souk Al Bahar" where they sell more traditional but also a lot of touristy stuff. It is worth a visit because the architecture is gorgeous! At the entrance they also have a throne but unfortunately I didn't catch details about it and I could not find information about it online either. But yes, there is a throne.
Since I still had enough time until the fountain show started, I decided to do a little shopping and eating. They had bazillions of food places and restaurants there, it was hard to decide. It ranged from the typical American restaurants (iHop, Red Lobster, Rainforest Cafe, Cheesecake Factory up to Texas Roadhouse which made me feel like I was back in Texas) to a few Chinese and Italian places to restaurants for vegetarians. I decided to try something new but not too exotic and ended up at The Noddle Company. After stuffing my face with the most delicious Lo-Mein and Chicken Satay, I explored some stores until it was time for the fountain show. And let me tell you, I imagined it to be quite boring - "It's just moving water" - but boy, was I wrong! They chose the perfect music so that it made the whole fountain show quite dramatic. I loved it! The fountain shows start at 18:00 o'clock and from them on, they're every hour and every time with a different music. If you ever visit the Dubai Mall, be sure to check it out.
As you can see there is so much to do in that mall, I really spent my entire first day there. Also, I got a lot of questions about the clothing guidelines there. Even though there are signs at the door stating that you should wear respectful clothing (knees and shoulders covered), a lot of tourists did not care. I saw hot pants, tube tops, short dresses and all you can imagine. However, I would not encourage to do this. While they didn't get taken aside by the security (except one but you could really see her butt fall out of her shorts), you will get looks from the locals. I wore a maxi skirt and a tank top and didn't get any looks at all. I even got a few smiles from local women. It is all about respect: Cover yourself and you won't have any problems and locals will be so much more friendly to you.

Click "Read more" to get the rest of the pictures. I tried to keep my blog a little bit organised n_n